About Ping Times

The Maglev control box and the the client computer are connected via Ethernet. To allow controllers to run at 1 kHz or faster, this connection needs to be reasonably fast. There are two simple ways to test connection speed:

  1. Ping: pinging the control box from the client machine should return average ping times of not much more than 0.1 ms on average.
  2. Delay: The Maglev SDK comes with a test program in the /apps folder called delay (please see Contributed Application). It will measure the average server response to client requests. This response time should be lower than 400 us, a good value is, for example, 250 us.

If controllers (or demo programs coming with the API) are unstable, one possible reason is that the Ethernet connection between control box and client machine is too slow (10 Mbps instead of 100 Mbps, half duplex vs. full duplex, etc.).