The Maglev Haptic API Directory Structure

This article describes how the basic MagLev API directory structure should look like.

  1. The whole API resides in ONE folder, usually called "haptics/", but it can have any name. The API is usually installed locally, meaning every user has his/her own copy. But it can also be shared.
  2. The haptics/src/ folder contains the source files for the client API.  The haptics/build/ folder contains the project files for Linux (a Makefile) and Windows (MS Visual Studio project files).
  3. The haptics/lib/ folder contains the compiled version of the static libraries (after the user has compiled the API source code).
  4. The haptics/apps/ folder is the standard folder for applications using the API. The monitor program from Butterfly Haptics and contributed applications such as demos using the API come in separate zip files, but should be put into the haptics/apps folder.  Alternatively, the corresponding Makefile/ Visual Studio project file has to be changed to link against the API.